How effective are folk remedies for treating foot fungus?

Fingernail or toenail fungus is caused by specific pathogenic fungi. This pathology can, under certain conditions, be transmitted from a sick person to a healthy person, is difficult to treat and tends to evolve. In drug therapy, preparations from the group of fungicides (antifungal agents) are used. Folk remedies have been widely used, which have sufficient effectiveness when used correctly.

therapeutic bath for nail fungus

Causes and mechanism of development of fungal infection

The causative agent of infection consists of specific pathogenic fungi, groups of trichophytes, epidermophytes and microspores. Parasitizing human skin and nails, these fungi secrete spores, which, penetrating through microcracks into the nail of a healthy person, germinate there and cause a pathological process. The spores form filamentous micelles, which form the base of the fungus. These structures have a strong cell wall that is unaffected by the immune system. Therefore, the body cannot get rid of the infection on its own; treatment is required to destroy micelles and fungal spores.

Factors contributing to fungal infection

Infection with fungal spores does not always occur, but under certain conditions:

  1. Going to public swimming pools, showers or saunas without personal shoes increases the risk of infection.
  2. Using someone else's shoes, which may contain fungus spores.
  3. Nail microtrauma (wearing tight shoes, gloves), through which the penetration of spores is facilitated.
  4. Closed shoes, where high humidity develops, which softens the nail plates and creates favorable conditions for the penetration of fungal spores.
  5. Non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene to keep the skin of the hands and feet clean.

Most often, a fungal infection develops in the nails. However, due to their larger stratum corneum, the treatment is more complex and longer.

The advantages of using folk methods for the treatment of mushrooms

herbal tea to treat nail fungus

Traditional medicine has a wide range of antifungal (antifungal) agents. Their use has several advantages over the use of synthetic chemical drugs:

  1. Effectiveness - with proper preparation and local application, a folk remedy for fungus has a pronounced antifungal effect.
  2. All traditional medicines are applied topically in the form of ointments, lotions or rubs, so they do not have a systemic effect on the body.
  3. Safety of use - most folk remedies are of natural origin, therefore they do not negatively affect the body during the treatment process.
  4. Availability - unlike drugs, folk remedies are inexpensive, most of them can be found in pharmacies or prepared independently.
  5. The possibility of their use by pregnant or lactating women and children.
  6. Virtually no allergic reaction or individual intolerance.

In general, the treatment of a fungal infection is long, so you must be patient and disciplined in carrying out daily procedures.

Preparation of nails for treatment with folk remedies

The basis for the effectiveness of the use of traditional medicine is the sufficient intake of active substances into the nail to provide a fungicidal effect. Therefore, proper preparation for product application is very important, which includes:

  • keep fingernails clean;
  • maximum removal of the affected nail plate using individual nail scissors and nail files, which after the procedure are placed in a 70% alcohol solution for disinfection;
  • use a nail bath with a warm soapy soda solution for half an hour to soften the stratum corneum and subsequently improve the penetration of active substances;
  • rub the surface of the nail with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol to degrease it.

Traditional medicine recipes for the treatment of nail fungus

folk remedies for the treatment of nail fungus

There are a significant number of effective methods for the destruction of the fungus using such simple homemade recipes:

  1. Treatment of the affected nail with a 5% solution of iodine, which is a strong antiseptic, is carried out within a month by means of double lubrication.
  2. The Kombucha compress is a very effective remedy, it is applied at night, the Kombucha must be cut according to the shape of the nail, applied on it, bandaged and tied with cellophane. During the first operations, pain may appear, which then disappears. The duration of such treatment is at least 3 months.
  3. Treatment of the nail with celandine juice, extracted from the leaves and stem of the plant, is carried out several times a day, while trying to prevent the juice from getting on healthy skin.
  4. A tar soap compress, which is a natural antiseptic - crushed and moistened with water soap in the form of gruel is applied to the nail and tied with a cellophane oilcloth, the procedure is best before bedtime.
  5. Wetting the nail with a 20% alcohol solution of propolis (sold ready-made in pharmacies or as a self-prepared infusion with an emphasis on alcohol in a ratio of 1: 5) is carried out 1 timeper day, after a week the affected nail will go one way.
  6. A compress of mountain ash leaves (grinding of fresh leaves in the form of porridge) is applied in the evening, in the morning the nail is treated with a 5% iodine solution.
  7. Treatment of the affected nail with juice from the medicinal plant of the golden mustache is carried out several times a day for 3-4 weeks.

Treatment of nail fungus with folk remedies is effective against most types of pathogenic fungi. If such therapy is ineffective, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist who will prescribe a laboratory examination to determine the type of fungus and prescribe appropriate treatment.